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Person-centred Therapy


"The essence of person-centred therapy is the therapist's dedication to going with the client's direction, at the client's pace, and with the client's unique way of being." ~ J. Bozarth

I am passionate about therapy, and have a strong belief in the benefits of connection and sharing.  


I value honesty, integrity and individuality, and am guided by the principle that we all have our own unique path to tread.    


Wherever you are on your journey, I will meet you there, so that together we can explore the things you need to in order to find your way forward.


As your therapist I will connect with you not as an expert who has all the answers, but as an equal, a fellow human being, with compassion, empathy, acceptance and respect.  


I have experienced for myself the benefits of talking with a skilled listener, and believe in the power of therapy as a space and a relationship in which you can be open and honest, and find trust and empowerment. 


I have experience of working with a wide variety of presenting issues, and will always try to connect with and follow your unique experience.

+44 7816 273907


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