Amy Dann Psychotherapy

Amy Dann Psychotherapy  


I am a Psychotherapist and Counsellor offering therapy to individuals and couples in Felixstowe, Suffolk. 


I work in a way that is committed to helping you find your own solutions to the challenges that have brought you to counselling.  Counselling can be used to unravel past traumas, alleviate current symptoms of unease such as anxiety and depression, or even to explore your future as you make changes in your life.  Therapy can also be useful in the good times - to find out what is working so you can do more of it! 

Whatever brings you to therapy, my aim is to offer a calm, non-judgemental and empathic space in which you, and your experience, will be attuned to and valued.   

I have particular experience in the area of abuse and abusive relationships, but can also offer support if you are suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, bereavement, relationship problems of any kind, and a variety of other difficulties. 



"Psychotherapy is a relationship that can be utilised to heal the cumulative trauma of previous ruptures in relationships."

- Beyond Empathy


Initial Consultation FREE

Normal Session rate £40

Skype Session rate £30

Concessions available if you are unemployed or on a low income (daytime appointments only)